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Titanium Wedding Ring

Written by: | Date: Dec 12, 2012 | Posted in: Titanium | no comments

Titanium wedding bands are created mostly for men, because they have a masculine appearance, are lightweight, exactly as men want them, and also very strong. Titanium is a metal known for its incredible strength and low density. For many years,...

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Titanium Mens Wedding Rings

Written by: | Date: Aug 06, 2012 | Posted in: Titanium | no comments

Titanium is a chemical element having the symbol Ti and the atomic number 22. Despite the fact that it has a low density, this is a very strong and resistant metal, presenting a silver coloration. Titanium was discovered in 1791 in Cornwall, Great...

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Mens Titanium Wedding Rings

Written by: | Date: Feb 18, 2012 | Posted in: Titanium | one comment

There is no one who does not wear at least a wedding ring in a lifetime. As suggested by historical and literary sources, rings carry symbolic meaning and sometimes magical powers.  Men's wedding rings are a reflection of the status and...

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Designer Titanium Wedding Rings

Written by: | Date: Apr 21, 2011 | Posted in: Custom made, Titanium | no comments

For this article we’ve decided to post these beautiful pictures of designer titanium wedding rings that we found on the internet and thought that many of you might be interested in seeing on our website. We believe that a titanium wedding ring can...

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Beautiful Titanium Wedding Bands

Written by: | Date: Mar 28, 2011 | Posted in: designs, Titanium | no comments

For the modern brides and grooms who can’t afford to buy an expensive wedding ring made of one of the precious gold metals available on the market perhaps these beautiful titanium wedding bands we’re showing you here can make more adequate...

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