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 Mazur Ionela-Violeta

Mazur Ionela-Violeta

Who is Mazur Ionela? A fun, sociable person. A dreamer. Addicted to music. Passionate about weddings domain, her cup of tea actually. A dog owner. At her 22 years old each day counted as another page of life experience, eager to discover new things, a new world each day. My mystery is unraveled- this is who I am.

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Black Diamond Wedding Ring

Written by: | Date: Oct 04, 2011 | Posted in: DiamondWeddingRings | no comments

As a traditionalist concept influence the wedding is under some symbols. Respecting this is not just about the culture but about the religious dogmas as well. Primary and what people know about is the white dress in fact the white as central symbol...

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Bride And Groom Wedding Rings

Written by: | Date: Oct 04, 2011 | Posted in: wedding rings | no comments

As a general idea the bride and groom wedding rings should be the same type from all points of view, from design to metals and colors. The size differs, the width as well but per assembly they are part of the same set. Like the love uniting them,...

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Best Price Wedding Rings

Written by: | Date: Oct 01, 2011 | Posted in: Uncategorized | one comment

Of a high value for the couple and everything their marriage means the wedding rings are supposed to be high ranked pieces of jewelries. It doesn’t matter if you afford to have diamonds or not but at least to be out of gold. Prices come to make a...

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Bent Wedding Ring

Written by: | Date: Oct 01, 2011 | Posted in: wedding rings | one comment

The wedding rings, being so precious not only in value but in meaning too request attention and extra care. Besides cleaning it properly and periodically each day is a challenge. To get it off will be the easiest way to avoid any exposure to...

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What Is The Symbolization Of A Wedding Ring

Written by: | Date: Oct 01, 2011 | Posted in: Uncategorized | no comments

When getting married the priest will require a pair of rings for the couple. Why? Can’t the wedding be without them? Actually no as they represent the unity itself. For some it is a non getting idea, for others a tradition that must be respected....

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